Luncheon Club

Luncheon Club

Luncheon Club gives seniors a chance to get out of the house, have a home-cooked meal, make friends and to join in activities.

Lunceonh Club is in two parts. First there is a sit down two-course meal; after the meal there are activities that change week by week (talks, craft, singing, quizzes, parties, celebrations, Christian themes). Not everyone stays for the activities, that is the choice of the person.

Transport is available (at an extra charge) for those who need it, but only at the beginning and end of both sessions so if you need transport you do need to stay to the activities.

Anyone is eligable to join Luncheon Club or to suggest a friend or family member, you do not need to come from an official referral. Unfortunatley, however, we are unable to support some people due to their care needs, please talk to the club leaders.

If you want to join Chris and Liz (who run Lunch Club) will come and visit in your home to tell you about the club and to start to get to know you and your needs.

There is a waiting list so please get in touch if you (or you know someone) would like to come to Luncheon Club.

Time: Wednesdays, term time only, 11.30pm to 2.30pm
Cost: £2.50 for lunch only; £2.50 extra for transport.